Apiary (Beekeeping) Club

The City Honors Apiary Club was formed in 2018 to promote the importance of bee populations to the health and ecology of our agricultural and food systems. The extracurricular club is open to all high school students in grades 9-12 from any local school. Adults are also invited to participate.

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Thanks to a grant from The Honeybee Conservancy and Crown Bees, in the spring of 2018 we installed a bee chalet and introduced a group of native mason bees to the blooming garden, followed in the summer by a group of leafcutter bees. Both gentle solitary bee species are super pollinators!

With the support of a Whole Kids Foundation Honeybee Grant, in 2019 we will begin our own honeybee program.

In addition to monitoring and caring for the garden bees, students in Apiary Club help raise awareness in the community about the plight of native bees and the need to create safe and supportive environments for bees to thrive in our world. CHS will lead the charge to increase native bee stewardship in our local schools and agricultural communities. Does your neighborhood have any fruit trees?

Students interested in joining the Apiary Club should find us on Remind via @apiaryc or contact Caesandra Seawell, Garden Manager, [email protected].

A couple of queen bees
A couple of Hug-a-Bees
Bee Science
Cleaning mason bee cocoons
Rally for bees at City Hall
Rally for bees at City Hall
A home for mason bees
A home for solitary bees
Pelion Garden

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