Service (CAS) Hours

City Honors juniors and seniors can earn CAS hours for volunteering with Pelion! Our basement bulletin board, facebook page, or Remind group are great ways to find our published volunteer sessions.
Volunteer opportunities include neighborhood cleanups and tree pruning, “crafternoons,” preserving the Pelion harvest, small building projects, outreach efforts, managing activities, set up/teardown of events, co-presenting workshops, and many more. Bring a friend! Show up to any of our scheduled garden workdays (see our events here) or get in touch with us to see how you can help! Come get your hands dirty!

Juniors and seniors looking for CAS Projects and sophomores looking for IB Personal Projects can find a list of garden-related project ideas here. The list is updated frequently as new projects arise so please check back often. Make sure you’ve provided both a cell phone and email so that Ms.Caesandra can connect with you more efficiently.

Pelion Garden

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